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Decision regarding investigation into Eric Evangelista delayed a 3rd time

Jacob Greenfeld | Asst. Photo Editor

Student Association President Eric Evangelista allegedly violated the SA constitution by failing to act on the assembly’s request to send a campus-wide email calling for applications for the public relations co-chair position.

After nearly three weeks of deliberation, the Student Association’s Judicial Review Board again delayed a decision regarding an investigation into SA President Eric Evangelista, who allegedly violated the student government’s constitution. It marked the third time the decision has been postponed.

During SA’s Monday night meeting in Maxwell Auditorium, Vice Chair of Assembly Relations Abdulaziz Al-Sulaiti said the decision has already been made but will be released “in the next couple of days” because the JRB still needs to look through some of the evidence “one more time.”

Al-Sulaiti declined to comment on the investigation in an interview but said the JRB wants to take its time to ensure it makes the right decision.

Al-Sulaiti said during the meeting the decision will “hopefully” be released by email to all SA assembly and cabinet members, and that a report on the decision will be sent out to campus press and media organizations “if necessary.”

“There’s just I guess a little bit more discussion prior to the release of this information to the public,” he said.

According to a copy of a violation notice obtained by The Daily Orange, Evangelista is accused of violating the SA constitution by not opening applications for a public relations co-chair position to the student body after the assembly asked him to do so.

The JRB was originally expected to announce the investigation’s outcome on Feb. 3, but that decision was postponed until the following SA meeting on Feb. 6. But at that meeting, the decision was again postponed as a representative from the JRB told the assembly a decision had not yet been reached because the JRB needed more time to collect testimonies on the issue.

During Monday’s meeting, Evangelista said he knows there are a couple of things the JRB is still “looking at” regarding the investigation. He added that he is “excited” for SA to see the results of the investigation.

In a Facebook post, Evangelista told SA members on Jan. 13 he would send a campus-wide email opening up applications to the student body for a public relations co-chair position, according to a document obtained by The Daily Orange. He instead nominated Nicole Sherwood, a senior public relations major, for the position without opening up applications.

The SA assembly previously voted unanimously to table Evangelista’s nomination of Sherwood on Jan. 23 until Evangelista opened applications.

The JRB opened its investigation into Evangelista on Jan. 26, according to a copy of the violation notice obtained by The Daily Orange. Evangelista appeared before the JRB for a judicial hearing on Jan. 30.


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