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Our Reader: Senate Committee launches new social media profiles

Our community grows every year, and so do the responsibilities of the University Senate Committee on Student Life. As written in the University Senate’s bylaws, the committee should “concern itself with the aspects related to student life” (Article V, Section 6). Moreover, the bylaws state that the committee should be the liaison between the students and the administration at Syracuse University.

Currently, the committee is composed of 3 undergraduate students, 1 graduate student, 5 faculty members, and 4 staff members. For over a year now, the committee has been looking at 3 main issues on campus: alcohol consumption among students, student safety on and off-campus, and career services.

Although we have worked hard in the last year, we have not been fulfilling the bylaws to its fullest in one aspect, and that is being the liaison between the student body and the administration. Although our committee is varied and has always been working to the best interests of the whole student body, there is only so much we can liaise when we only consider the experience and knowledge of the 13 people that compose the committee.

Therefore, the Student Life Committee has decided to take advantage of the digital world we live in and has launched social media accounts to convey messages and information to the students and the SU community at large, but more importantly, to give students and community members the opportunity to contact us.

We can now be reached by email (senateslc@syr.edu), Twitter (@USen_Life), Instagram (@USen_Life), and Facebook (Syracuse University Senate Committee on Student Life —@senateslc).

We hope students will reach us with concerns that we might not be aware of, but that we could work to either solve or bring to the attention of the right officials. Moreover, we would also like to know what the students think about specific issues (or good things!) on campus, including the ones the committee has been working on lately.

In the end, it is the voice of the whole student community that matters the most.



José L. Marrero-Rosado (Chair)

Barbara Applebaum

Paul Bern

Ryan Craig

Stephen Cross

Susan Dean

Seth Gitner

Dawn Johnson

Rosemary Kelly

Rajesh Kumar

Nedda Sarshar

Sarah Schieffelin

Amanda Winkler


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